Only Pay On-Site Pricing

New Promotion

*Only Applies To The Standard Areas We Serve

Introducing a Transparent Way to Pay

We’re excited to offer our customers a straightforward billing option that ensures fairness and transparency: the “Only Pay On-Site Pricing” plan. Unlike traditional billing methods, this new option means you only pay for the actual time our team works on your site—no more hidden fees for transportation to and from your location. We start the clock when our work begins at your site and stop it as soon as we’re done. It’s simple, clear, and designed to save you money.

Hydrovac excavation

Benefits of Our New Promotion

Reduced Overall Costs

Eliminate unnecessary fees for transportation.

Transparent Billing

Only pay for the time spent working on your project.

Efficient Service

Our team is incentivized to work efficiently and effectively, knowing that only on-site work is billed.

Straightforward Quotes

Receive clear, straightforward quotes that are easy to understand and free of surprises.

Industry Standard vs. Our Approach

Typically, hydrovac service providers include additional charges for transportation, often hidden within the overall service cost. These “shop-to-shop” fees cover the time and fuel it takes for the truck to travel from the warehouse to the job site and back, which can significantly inflate your final bill. Our new billing approach deviates from this industry standard by eliminating these hidden transport costs, making us a cost-effective choice for your needs.

This new promotion reflects our commitment to fairness and customer satisfaction, ensuring you get the best value for services rendered. We believe in providing our clients with clear and direct billing, so you feel confident and informed about your investments with us.